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Get it while it lasts: “Columbus Vintage”

Pink Menno all started with the idea of wearing pink in Columbus two years ago.  Since then, we’ve sold 100’s of official Pink Menno t-shirts, bandannas, and bracelets and you’ve found countless other ways to show your pink.  I joked

Stepping Out of Shame

Kirsten Freed shared the following reflection on her experience in Pittsburgh, originally posted on the Coming Out Strong blog. She is currently the volunteer intern with BMC (Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests) and supports the Kaleidoscope program. From BMC’s

pink: a daily practice

I spent some time Friday morning updating the Pink Gear store, adding our Pittsburgh t-shirts and updating the stock levels for sizes and such. Unfortunately for folks who weren’t at Pittsburgh, we have very few left. But the good news

we are knit together

Deb Bergen sent this reflection to us at [email protected].  (If you have a story, reflection, or creative writing to share with the Pink Menno community, please don’t hold back! We would love to publish it here!)  Deb was not at

Marginalized and Centered

Amy Yoder McGloughlin, pastor of Germantown Mennonite Church in Philadelphia, PA shared this reflection on her experience in Pittsburgh with us via e-mail.  At the end of this post, you can also watch the “Be A Bridge” youtube video Amy

A Reflection on the Conversation

Donna Minter originally posted the following reflection as a comment on the earlier post “The Conversation Room” by Stephanie Krehbiel. Since it can obviously stand alone as a PinkMennoPress post, I asked her permission to make it so. I’m sure

a week of many things

Our week in Pittsburgh has been many things: intense, exhausting, reviving, hopeful, infuriating, disappointing, healing.  The range of emotion and experience is wide, but in the end, I have faith that we have fulfilled our purpose for this time and

many flavors and colors

Today a child from the Children’s Gathering program walked up and gave this beautiful (and delicious) note to Arthur Kauffman, an awesome Pink Menno who has been volunteering with Pink Menno this week and also contributing posts and photos. Amen.

Late night Reflection

The following is a reflection shared with me by Derek Yoder.  We met in the Hospitality Room on Tuesday and was then beginning to formulate a response to Shane Hipps’ message in the opening worship session Monday night. Thanks Derek 

Mid-Week Update

So much has happened here in Pittsburgh already. I find myself overwhelmed with the task of trying to document and share it with those who aren’t here! Here a few highlights and items that will give you a taste of