Mid-Week Update

So much has happened here in Pittsburgh already. I find myself overwhelmed with the task of trying to document and share it with those who aren’t here! Here a few highlights and items that will give you a taste of much more to come:

Photos! Hopefully you’ve noticed the slideshow on the right. We add new pictures throughout the day, so keep checking back.

Videos! You’ll be happy to know that a number of us are trying to capture significant events on video. It takes a bit of time to edit and upload, so that will come slowly. But you can look forward to lots more! John Mark just shared this video he shot last night at our inclusive worship service. Randall Spaulding gave an amazing homily, challenging us to accept the vast beauty of God’s creation in each of us. He also led a group of us as a choir, which was personally very moving for me. Check out John Mark’s video:

TheMennonite.org published a thoughtful article covering the service. Check it out!

Keep checking back. SOOOO much more to come!

3 comments on “Mid-Week Update
  1. valerie klaassen says:

    Thanks for all the updates – it helps to feel connected from far away Kansas. Prayers are with you daily and more often!

    • philipkendall says:

      Thanks Valerie! It’s our hope that we can give at least a taste of our experience. It’s been such a gift of connection and healing for me personally–I want to do all I can to share my/our experience with as many people as possible. I have renewed hope.

  2. Jonathan Beachy says:

    Songs are such a powerful medium, so sorry I can’t sing with you, but I applaud your songs and your spirit, and the Spirit who inspires you. Would love to see more song videos on Youtube.