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Welcome! Thank you for visiting our site. Pink Menno started with a very simple vision that a brother and sister shared during Christmas of 2008. Wondering what they could do to make the Mennonite Church an open and welcoming place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people, they envisioned a sea of people dressed in pink as a sign of support singing hymns together in the middle of the upcoming Columbus convention. From that vision, a small online community formed, which gradually grew and gained more followers and supporters.

Now we’d like to continue that vision. After the overwhelming support and positive participation at the convention, Pink Menno will continue working for our goals outside of the convention. We recognize that many in the church disagree with our goals. We know that our goals will probably take a long time to be realized, and in the meantime we will be engaged in the hard work of living, worshipping, and honestly talking with people of all beliefs.

Goals – Pink Menno supports the inclusion of LGBTQ individuals in marriage, in ordination, and in the loving community of Christian fellowship within the Mennonite Church. Pink Menno envisions the day when it becomes irrelevant because the church is fully living out Christ’s radical love toward all people, especially toward those in the margins.

Vision– To achieve healing and hope for the Mennonite Church through the inclusion and welcome of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) individuals and their supporters.

Strategy – Pink Menno will remain a visible, vocal presence supporting, sustaining and furthering genuine dialogue. Pink Menno will be a nonviolent, loving, welcoming presence. Pink Menno will provide social, spiritual and emotional support for those experiencing exclusion or spiritual violence because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Pink Menno will use laughter, music, poetry, color, artwork, quilts, fun, film, food, books, and whatever else is positive and uplifting to communicate our message.

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