Q-Menno – Q-Menno is an online community for LGBTQ people connected to Mennonites and other Anabaptist faiths. Meet, network, chat, share, and relax with other LGBTQ Mennos (and Menno associates.) Q-Menno is a supportive and welcoming place for LGBTQ people of all ages. – Web address for Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBT interests –contains resources, ideas on organizing and other information about LGBT issues related to Mennonites.

Connecting Families – Connecting Families meets one weekend each year to connect families and individuals dealing with LGBT concerns and is associated with Brethren Mennonite Council (BMC).

Fabulous series of booklets about Mennonites and LGBTQ inclusion. – Here you’ll find the writings of many Mennonite thinkers, pastors, and theologians on LGBTQ inclusion.  You can order the booklets or read them online.  Topics include personal stories, Biblical interpretation, psychological and biological factors, church membership issues, and LGBTQ inclusion as a peace & justice issue.

Andrew Marin’s “Love is an Orientation” – An amazingly powerful book written by a young self-described “conservative Evangelical” who has spent the last 8 year living with and connecting with LGBTQ people in one of Chicago’s predominantly gay neighbhoods.  This is is the perfect for anyone who comes from the church’s traditional viewpoint but wants to learn more about LGBTQ people and how to bridge the scary divide that seems to keep Christians from truly discussing LGBTQ people’s lives.  A compassionate, compelling, and frank book.  You can read more about Andrew Marin & his work here.

Open Letter – A letter from Mennonite pastors asking the church to be opening & welcoming to LGBTQ people. You can offer your signature to the letter, find numerous other resources, and read about what inspired us to undertake the Pink Menno campaign in the first place.

Great list of books on Christianity, the Bible, and LGBTQ people from Gay Christian Network.

A very detailed, in-depth exegesis of the Biblical texts on same-sex sexuality.

The Queer thing is… – Link to discussion of the word “queer” for those curious about the context behind this word.

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