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Longing for Home: A Daughter Reflects

Contributed by Katerina Friesen When I was a sophomore in college, my mother saw a picture posted online of my friend Claire planting a kiss on my forehead. I forget what solicited that soon-to-be incriminating kiss, except that Claire comes

Pink Presence at Leaders’ Breakfast with Ervin Stutzman

Pink Presence at Leaders’ Breakfast with Ervin Stutzman embedded from Storify.

Strangers and aliens no more

After many planning phone calls and much discernment, the Pink Menno leadership team is excited to announce a theme of: Strangers and aliens no more: one humanity, for the Phoenix 2013 convention. This theme draws from the Ephesians 2:14-22 being

Get it while it lasts: “Columbus Vintage”

Pink Menno all started with the idea of wearing pink in Columbus two years ago.  Since then, we’ve sold 100’s of official Pink Menno t-shirts, bandannas, and bracelets and you’ve found countless other ways to show your pink.  I joked

pink: a daily practice

I spent some time Friday morning updating the Pink Gear store, adding our Pittsburgh t-shirts and updating the stock levels for sizes and such. Unfortunately for folks who weren’t at Pittsburgh, we have very few left. But the good news

The Scarlet Letter

I felt it immediately. The ‘scarlet letter’, Chris Parks called it. When I first traded my yellow v-neck on Tuesday for a pink ‘How Will You Be a Bridge’ shirt, it was as if I had traded in my privilege