Author: CaitlinDesjardins

Workshop Reflections: “Putting the T in LGBT”

Thursday was a full day for Pink Mennos! Workshops, Hymn Sings, Movie Screenings, Really BIG Hymn Sings, Coffeehouse and Conversations. I attended and particularly enjoyed the Brethren Mennonite Council sponsored workshop on “Putting the T in LGBT”–understanding transgender. Even as

Wednesday Workshops: Accompaniment & Coming Out Strong

Ironic close-up of a beautiful mural in the MCUSA exhibit hall, where PinkMenno was denied booth space. I will skip to the main point: Allies Matter. Allies Matter A Lot. This was one of the main conclusions of both workshops

Justice can be Reconciling

I’m not sure I could possibly overstate it: The convention worship space is HUGE. Massive. And absolutely very loud. I don’t mind the loudness so much and enjoy a break from Sing the Story/Journey to indulge some contemporary tunes. I