Welcome to Pittsburgh, Pink Mennos!

Convention is officially here, and our Pink presence is lovingly, optimistically, peacefully, hopefully, and excitedly under way. Today has been full of wonderful reunions from relationships built at convention in Columbus, and many shared stories of hope, compassion and inspiration as a result of Pink Menno. This is what gives us all the energy, courage and enthusiasm to be a bold Pink presence throughout convention!

Already this evening we’ve had many visitors to the Hospitality Room at the Courtyard Marriott hotel adjacent to the convention center. Pink gear (new t-shirt designs, wristbands, bandanas, stickers, etc.) are all available in the Hospitality Room, so come by and see us when you’re in need of some Pink (If you’re not able to be in Pittsburgh and would like some of our new gear, we will be posting these items at www.pinkmenno.org for sale after convention is over)! The Hospitality Room is also a safe space for any convention go-er to come be with accepting folks and decompress. Please take advantage of this space which will be open from 8am – 10pm.

We also plan to document all of our Pink activities throughout the week, including blogs/articles reflecting on workshops, photos, and as much video as possible. For those of you at home, www.pinkmenno.org will be a receptacle of all of this documentation. You can also help spread the word yourself by posting on Facebook and Twitter (use hashtags #pinkmenno, #menno11 and #mcusa). Additionally, keep an eye out for how you can join the Be a Bridge campaign throughout the week.

We are all extremely excited for the possibilities that our Pink presence in Pittsburgh holds. Please continue to wear your courage, compassion and hope throughout the week, just as you wear your Pink!

Peace and Strength,
Luke Y.