Author: DarianHarnish


Phoenix is the fifth Mennonite convention I’ve attended. Why am I going? Back at the 2005 Charlotte Convention, it was there that the Holy Spirit moved me to “come out” to my family. Fittingly, the convention theme was “Can’t Keep Quiet!”. Several years

Healing and Hope

Healing and hope abound at convention.  It’s a safe place to worship, have fun, and feel the spirit, all in one short week.  During high school and college, I remember the power of 5,000 voices singing in the arenas in

Four years later and still here

It has been nearly four years since I first considered walking away from the Mennonite church. The urge came on a Wednesday night, the June after my high school graduation, sitting in youth group preparing for another MCUSA convention.  It

Why Pink Menno and BMC?

I’ve been involved with Pink Menno since before Columbus in 2009 and before that, I worked for Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests and I’m now on the organization’s board. BMC has been doing this work for nearly 40 years.


The MCUSA Conventions have forced me to think about identity. During my teenage years, the MCUSA Conventions played a central role in how I came to understand my identity as a Mennonite in the larger context of the denomination. It

Pink Mom

I am going to Phoenix 2013, in the heat of mid-summer. You heard me right. I am a middle aged woman voluntarily going to Phoenix, Arizona in the Middle of Summer. I’m going to be so hot I will be

Strangers and aliens no more

After many planning phone calls and much discernment, the Pink Menno leadership team is excited to announce a theme of: Strangers and aliens no more: one humanity, for the Phoenix 2013 convention. This theme draws from the Ephesians 2:14-22 being