One Voice Music Project

One Voice

Celebrate the first installment of the One Voice music project! Numerous Pink Menno artists have contributed their voices to this compilation celebrating a vision of a wholly inclusive Mennonite Church.  Original cover art was contributed by Pink Menno Naomi Pridjian. Lend your voice to this project and get your copy today by going to the Pink Gear page!

Track Listing & Previews:

  1. God Bless Us All – JD Martin [audio:01_God_Bless_Us_All_short.mp3|titles=God Bless Us All|artists=JD Martin]
  2. You Need Love – Gina Holsopple [audio:02_You_Need_Love_short.mp3|titles=You Need Love|artists=Gina Holsopple]
  3. Keep it to Yourself – Brad Yoder [audio:03_Keep_it_to_Yourself_short.mp3|titles=Keep it to Yourself|artists=Brad Yoder]
  4. Great Big Bite – Charlene Zehr [audio:04_Great_Big_Bite_short.mp3|titles=Great Big Bite|artists=Charlene Zehr]
  5. And Then… – Adam Carter [audio:05_And_Then_short.mp3|titles=And Then…|artists=Adam Carter]
  6. Daylight – Heather Kropf [audio:06_Daylight_short.mp3|titles=Daylight|artists=Heather Kropf]
  7. 12 Fires of Harold – Several [audio:07_12_Fires_of_Harold_short.mp3|titles=12 Fires of Harold|artists=Several]
  8. Prophet – Annabeth Roeschley [audio:08_Prophet_short.mp3|titles=Prophet|artists=Annabeth Roeschley]
  9. One Heart – JD Martin [audio:09_One_Heart_short.mp3|titles=One Heart|artists=JD Martin]
  10. We Like Pink – Betsy Fisher [audio:10_We_Like_Pink_short.mp3|titles=We Like Pink|artists=Betsy Fisher]
  11. Pink Nightgown – Daniel King [audio:11_Pink_Nightgown_short.mp3|titles=Pink Nightgown|artists=Daniel King]
  12. Something – Adam Shenk [audio:12_Something_short.mp3|titles=Something|artists=Adam Shenk]

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