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The Violence of Mennonite Process: Finding the Address of the Present (part 2 of 2)

Contributed by Stephanie Krehbiel (con’t from part 1) Let’s look at some more recent history. In 2011, in advance of the Mennonite Church USA convention in Pittsburgh, Everett Thomas, editor of The Mennonite at the time, wrote an editorial for

150 Mennonite Leaders Call for Change in Policies Toward Queer Christians

150 Mennonite pastors and others credentialed for ministry signed a letter calling for changes in Mennonite Church USA policies related to inclusion of sexual minorities in the church.  The letter urges denominational leaders to “make space for congregations and pastors

Bluffton Safe Space: Reflections on Love Across the Spectrum conference part 3

I am so glad I went to the Love Across the Spectrum conference. I found it to be an incredibly valuable experience for so many reasons, but there’s one in particular that I think would be good to share. My

Bluffton Safe Space: Reflections on Love Across the Spectrum conference part 2

During this experience I learned a lot about judgments I have not faced even though I am part of the LGBTQ community, judgments people go through that not only because they identify as something other than straight but because they

Bluffton Safe Space: Reflections on Love Across the Spectrum conference part 1

The keynote speakers were amazing: Justin Lee is the founder of The Gay Christian Network and shared his story and ways to best talk to people who disagree with our perspective about LGBT issues. Jennifer Knapp is an AMAZING musician

Bethel Symposium Presentation by Audrey Roth Kraybill

~Text by Audrey Roth Kraybill from her presentation at Bethel University I stood in line, my heart pounding, waiting my turn to do something I hadn’t done in a long time: act up in church. I was participating in a

A Call to Action: Help Pink Menno support an lgbtq student group

Pink Menno is excited to continue the momentum around lgbtq inclusion in the Mennonite Church, in between bi-annual conventions. In the coming year, we are focusing on building organizing capacity on our Mennonite college campuses. One powerful, effective way we

Pink Menno’s Pauline Rhetoric of Reconciliation

by Gerald J. Mast The Messiah has already arrived, the messianic event has already happened, but its presence contains within itself another time, which stretches its parousia, not in order to defer it, but, on the contrary, to make it

Home of the brave

by Annabeth Roeschley On the morning of Wednesday june 26,2013 I stood down at the Supreme Court of the United States, listening to the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC gathering to raise voice in song. It was their first performance

Strangers No More statement for Phoenix 2013

This is the statement we are sharing with the delegate assembly of Mennonite Church USA on July 5, 2103 in Phoenix, Arizona. We come to you as Mennonites who are burdened by our church’s practices of exclusion, silence, and violence