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MCC, be guided by your core: an open letter from Luke Miller

Man stands on the river banks from Dirk Willems image from Martyr's mirror

Dear Ann and Ron, MCC has a history of drawing people from diverse Christian backgrounds together to do good work in the world. There are three requirements for MCC workers: commitment to Christian faith, active participation in a Christian church,

Open Letter to Ann Graber Hershberger and J. Ron Byler on Policy 152 of MCC

To Ann Graber Hershberger and J. Ron Byler, I am writing to express my discontent with Policy #152 that requires sexual celibacy for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) personnel outside of heterosexual marriage. On March 16-17th, your organization affirmed this statute

A love letter to the scattered pink siblings, from Orlando

Pink hymn sing on Wednesday night, July 5 before Youth Worship at the Mennonite convention in Orlando.

by Luke L Miller My beloved pink siblings everywhere, so many of you weren’t with us in Orlando at the 2017 Mennonite Church USA convention. Orlando was an experience of an aching, haunting absence, an absence experienced most acutely through

Notes from Pink Youth Summit, July 6, 2017

Notes from the Pink Youth Summit July 7, 2017 At the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando in 2017, 40 youth and young adults met for three hours together and in break out groups to discuss on their visions of the

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Hymn Sing at Kansas City 2016

Dear Pink Menno supporter, It’s been 8 years since we first came together to wear pink as a sign of our commitment to welcome and inclusivity for the LGBTQ community in the summer of 2009 at the Mennonite convention in

Loving the tradition from the margins: What Malcolm Gladwell is missing about power in his Mennonites podcast

Illustration of Malcolm Gladwell by Surian Soosay

Contributed by Luke L Miller Chester Wenger’s “An open letter to my beloved church” in 2014 was a beautiful, poignant reflection by a man who dedicated his life to the Mennonite Church on why he had chosen to perform the

Compassion, Justice, and Kim Davis: Some Queer Reflections

Contributed by Justin Yoder “Yes, Kim Davis is a bigot, and yes, her four marriages are relevant. But we need to be able to . . . discuss her hypocrisy without engaging in bigotry ourselves. [. . .] Should we

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Lament for the institutionalized church: Trauma, rage, and hope from Kansas City

[Reposted from Our Stories Untold. Read Rae Halder’s original post here.] Rae wrote a version of this piece, originally posted on Facebook, late on Friday, July 3, after attending the Mennonite Church USA’s “Service of Lament and Hope” for survivors of

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Pink Menno Press release on July 2, 2015 Action at Mennonite Church USA convention

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 7/2/2015, PINK MENNO, CONTACT: MATT DEAN (717) 802-2070 IN SEPARATE ACTIONS, PINK MENNO DE-PINKS DELEGATE SESSION; TAKES STAGE AS MCUSA DELEGATES PREPARE TO VOTE Members affiliated with Pink Menno held two actions on Thursday morning, July 2, 2015 at the

How can I keep from singing? (Part III)

This series of posts shares interviews conducted by Bobby Switzer for a thesis project at Goshen College, curated for this series by Pax Ressler. The questions below are Bobby’s, with responses from Wilma Harder, Stephanie Krehbiel, Pax Ressler and Carol Wise. For more information