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Remembering Pink Mennos: A Story from 2029

Abigail was fussy. It was raining again and it didn’t look like she and her older sister, Amanda, would be going with their grandparents to the beach that morning. The North Carolina weather was unpredictable this time of year and

Dr. Deb speaks

I’m a psychiatrist who sees the work of God in the awesomeness of the brain – the ways we are made to become ourselves in relationships, the actions of grace in the so-strong pull towards healing, the infinite diversity, the

The Call Wall

I just ran across a note I scribbled down during one of the delegate sessions at Columbus. At one of the church agency booths in the exhibit hall, visitors were asked to write names on the “Call Wall” of people


Welcome to the new!  The online community at is definitely still around – you can access it here (click on “Pink Menno Network” above) or by linking directly with the above address.  We hope this new site will

Pink Menno Campaign at Columbus – Archive

Note from Pink Menno Press- This article is republished in its entirety, with comments, with permission from The Mennonite, where it was originally published in the July 7, 2009 issue. Pink Menno Campaign at Columbus One hundred people wearing pink gather